Office phone night or day: 989-875-4689



CHECK IN is 2:00 p.m.  CHECK OUT is 1:00 p.m.

CABIN CHECK OUT is 11:00 a.m.

QUIET TIME:  11:00 p.m. to 8:00 a.m.

SPEED LIMIT:  6 m.p.h. Please watch for children.

CAMPING/PARKING:  Campsites are to be occupied by no more than one family, one camping unit and two autos per site. Other autos will have to be left in designated parking areas. It is a state regulation that no more than eight (8) persons can occupy a site. All cars must have a car pass in the window.

CHILDREN:  The safety of your children is our concern. The shores of our lake have deep drop-offs a short distance out. It is NOT safe for children to be at the waters edge without a parent or guardian present. Children are to be at the campsite at dark. NO bike riding or swimming after dark. NO bikes on sidewalks in bathroom area.

VISITORS:  You are responsible for your visitors. All visitors must stop at the office. There is a $2.00 per person charge. If a visitor comes to your lot without a Visitor Pass in the window send them to the office. Any visitor caught not registering will be send back to the office and the fee will be $3.00 per person. ALL VISITORS MUST LEAVE BY 10:00 p.m. Anyone staying overnight that is not listed on check-in will be charged – $5.00 per day.

PETS:  All pets must be kept on a leash, not to exceed 6 foot, at all times. NO unattended or barking dogs allowed. NO pets allowed in bathrooms, showers, playground or swimming areas. PLEASE CLEAN UP AFTER YOUR PETS. NO Doberman, Rottweiler or Pitbull allowed.

TRASH:  Please put your trash and garbage in plastic bags and place in dumpster. There is NO trash pick-up.

CAMPFIRES:  Campfires in fire rings only. Do not move the fire rings. Please do not put unburnable items such as wood with nails, garbage, cans, diapers, etc. in the fire pits.

FIREWOOD:  We discouraged transfer of firewood for disease control. We have split firewood for sale delivered to your campsite. Firewood brought into the campground must remain stored in your vehicle.

BOATING:  Boaters are required to wear life preservers, we are NOT responsible for accidents.

SWIMMING:  Swim in designated area only within the roped off areas. Parents must accompany children under 13 years of age. There is NO life guard on duty, swim at your own risk.

WATER PARK:  Must sign up for a time for participation at office as space is limited. $2.00 Fee per child per hour.  $3.00 Fee per adult per hour. Some restrictions apply. Must wear campground assigned Life Preservers. Requires parental supervision at all times. Swim at own risk.

JUMPING PILLOW/PLAYGROUNDS:  Must follow rules posted. Requires parental supervision at all times. Play at own risk.

CUTTING ACROSS OTHERS CAMPSITES:  Please do NOT cut across any occupied campsites, this is rude.

BANK FISHING:  No license required. Fish in designated open fishing areas only. Do not impose on other campers.

ADJOINING PROPERTY:  The adjoining property is privately owned. NO trespassing.

ALCOHOL:  Alcoholic drinks must be confined to an individual’s campsite.

TREES:  Please do NOT hang clothes, tie lines or tie pets to the trees as this will damage the trees.

GRASS MATS:  ONLY Polypropylene Water Drainable Material Mats allowed on Grass. We appreciate your understanding in helping us keep our grass green.

NOT PERMITTED:  Liquid waste of any kind dumped on the ground. NO mini bikes, four wheelers, three wheelers, speed boats, jet skis, illegal drugs, firearms, fireworks, or BB guns allowed. Loud or disorderly campers will be asked to leave.

GOLF CARTS:  Permitted with proper registration at our office. Must have proof of liability insurance.  No driving past dark without lights and no Razors driving past dark.


DISCLAIMER:  Management assumes no responsibility for any theft, fire, accident or injury while staying or visiting our campground.